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Welcome to the

Kaikohe Club Incorporated web site



Kaikohe Speedway started in the Kaikohe District in 1974,

on a grass track approximately 300 meters

along the Ngawha Springs Road (7 km from Kaikohe).

Kaikohe Car Club moved to its present location

along State Highway 12 approximately 4kms SE

of in Kaikohe 1975.

 The Kaikohe Car Club became an Incorporated

Society on the 7th December 1976.

During the race season a standard race day

can see up to 400 people through our gates,

however during a special or invitation meet

we see numbers of 4000 plus.

Visitors come from all over the North Island,

this not only creates revenue for the Speedway

but filters out to the wider community;

Kaikohe, Kerikeri, Kawakawa, Paihia etc.

Kaikohe Speedway was put on the

world map with the recognition

of Florian Habicht's movie

"Kaikohe Demolition".






Racer's Hive

(a short story written by Michaela Beadle Price

Driver: 102K - written 2010)


 It is early afternoon. You stand as the sun sucks

your skin, and dust smothers you.

You're being pushed between people.

Sweat lingers and voices cheer.

Sausages sizzle on the barbeque as you

watch the cars drone past like bees.


You can feel the cracks in the ground as

 you walk towards the track.

Racers, spectators and cars surround you.

Walking closer to the track,

you see the overlooking fence

 that borders the track,

and the concrete plates that line

the walls inside the track.

Spectators are speckled around you,

and racers busy themselves with their cars.


Volunteers in fluro vests are scattered

about the track preparing for the race.

Each sound echoes in your ears, as the vibration

of each engine reverberates through your body.

Hear the people around you in conversation.

By the fence now, the cars are lining up, revving

their engines enthusiastically.

 In slow motion- the green flag drops.


The race begins; each car drops into second gear,

 as they swarm ahead like bees.

Beneath you the floor hums at each rev of an engine.

The first lap passes and more spectators crowd

around you, huddling in excitement.

As the second lap begins one car overtakes another.

Suspense builds as you wonder who will win.

The third lap comes around, and unexpectedly

 one of the race cars swerves

off into the concrete wall. The red flag drops and

 cars screech to a halt.

Minutes pass as we wait for the tractor to arrive to pull

the car off the track- leaving a crumbling wall behind it.

The race has ended.

Unfortunately the car that crashed was the car

 you hoped would win the race.


The suspense you once had is

replaced with disappointment.

Abandoned the track sits after another day

 of racing, left scattered in debris.

Listening to the distant voices of racers,

 you realise how peaceful the atmosphere now is,

as the revving you once heard is now replaced

by gentle song from the trees close by.


As the day comes to an end, you take a bite

of  that sausage you've been craving all day.

Like bees the racers have moved

 from the track to the clubrooms.

 Taking a refreshing sip of a cold beer,

with a smile on your face you sit and

watch the airy night as it devours

 the heat from your body.

Please note these reviews may reflect

the perceptions and opinions of 
the authors involved  and are strictly unofficial