Kaikohe Speedway Prize Giving and Points Race season 2006-2007


Overall points for the season

Production Men             1st Tony Taylor, 2nd George Price, 3rd Bruce Mallindine

Production Ladies        1st Debbie Taylor, 2nd Wendy Scott, 3rd Shirley Andresen

C Men                              1st Myles Greenwood, 2nd Dave Cortesi, 3rd Andrew Jackson

C Ladies                          1st Jamie-Lee Aukett, 2nd Michelle Cordon, 3rd Cynthia Beattie

B Men                              1st Stu Hutton, 2nd Boss Harris, 3rd Jesse Stoney

Super Men                     1st Max Andresen, 2nd Ray Jordan, 3rd Cordell Armstrong

Super Lady                   1st Shirley Andresen

Ltd Men                         1st Keith Wilson, 2nd Anthony Dale, 3rd Kyle Webster

Ltd Lady                        1st Debbie Wilson

Youth                            1st Reece Andresen, 2nd Jamie Brown, 3rd Steve Peers

Junior                           1st   Shane Wilson, 2nd Scott Wilson


Other Trophy Winners over the season

Outstanding Service.                                    Sue. Marshall

Sportsmen of the Year.                                Max. Andresen

Supporter of the Year.                                 Peggy. Orginsky

Volunteer of the Year.                                 Mike. Marshall

President’s Driver of the Year.                  George. Price

C. Grade Champ.                                         Myles. Greenwood.                 

B. Grade Most Improved Driver.               Jesse. Stoney

Most Improved Super Driver                     Cordell. Armstrong

Most Improved Lady Driver                      Debbie. Wilson

Most Improved Driver C. Grade.              Dave. Cortesi

Highest Points in one Meet.                     Bruce. Mallindine

People’s Choice

’Most Improved Driver of the year’’        Antz. Thomas

Hard Luck.                                                    George. Waa

Most Blown Pistons.                                 Mike & Michelle Cordon

Worst prepared Car.                                 Antz. Thomas

Poo Paddle.                                                Tony. Taylor



Car      Member                                   Points             Placing


34        Daryl Jay                                    100

80        Myles Greenwood                    250                  1st

66        Andrew Jackson                       102                  3rd

71        Anthony Thomas                      88

65        Glen Henry                               40

17        Lance Andresen                       7                     

42        Peter Cortesi                            13

31        Steve Hannon                         n/a

23        Dave Cortesi                            169                  2nd

90        Rhys Irving                               19

41        Steve Moor                              98

70        Alemain Pomare                       25

66        Jamie Brown                            12

25        Vaughan Langrish                    24

50        Steve Peers                               20



49        Bruce Mallindine                       212                 3rd

101      Tony Taylor                              255                  1st

92        Pene Hohepa                            145

96        Nigel Dunn                               17

62        George Waa                             70

100      George Price                            225                   2nd

31        Steve Hannon                           11

89        Flyn Haliday                             7



67        Warwick Taylor                       76

69        Cordell Armstrong                117                  3rd

97        Ray Jordan                               131                  2nd

58        Max Andresen                          188                   1st

51        Geordie Inglis                           19

4          Shane Hick                               21