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2018 - 2019


End of Season Prize Giving 13 July 2019



2017 - 2018


End of Season Prize Giving

9 June 2018


CTRA Titles & Easter Stampede

30 March, 31 March & 1 April 2018


Race Meet 18 March 2018

featuring the C Saloon 10 Lap Dash;

LTD Saloon Trophy Dash and the

Ladies Saloon 20 Lap feature


Race Meet 20th Jan 2018



2016 - 2017

Results coming soon!


2015 - 2016

Club Day Champs 29 April 2016


Race Meet 13th February 2016

featuring the C Grade and Production 20 lap dash


Race Meet 16th January 2016

featuring the LTD & B Grade Club Trophy


Race Meet 20th December 2015

featuring the C Saloon 10 lap trophy

and Ladies Saloon 20 lap Challenge


Opening Race Meet

1st November 2015


2014 - 2015


Race Meet

25th April 2015


Easter Stampede and CTRA Titles

3rd, 4th, 5th April 2015


Race Meet 15th February 2015

featuring Rd1 of the

Hussey Family Trophy


Twilight Race meet 31 January 2015

featuring the C Saloon 10 lap dash

and the Ladies Saloon 20 lap trophy


Race Meet 11th January 2015

featuring the LTD, Super 20 lap

feature trophies


Race Meet 9th November 2014

featuring the Production and

C Saloon 20 Lap Trophies


Opening Meet 26th October 2014


2013 - 2014


18th May 2014

Mother Day Classic and

Grandparents Day


Kaikohe Speedway Easter

Stampede & CTRA Titles

18th, 19th, 20th April 2014


30th March 2014


16th February 2014


19th January 2014


15th December 2013


1st December 2013


17th November 2013


2012 - 2013


Club Day Champs 28th April 2013


Kaikohe Speedway Easter

Stampede & CTRA Titles 

29th, 30th & 31st March 2013


Race Meet, 2nd February 2013


Race Meet,  13th January 2013

featuring Super & LTD Trophy


Race Meet, 16th December 2012

featuring C Grade 10 lap dash,

Std Production 20lap dash &

Super Pro Challenge


Northland Champs held

at Whangarei Speedway

8th December 2012


Race Meet, 28th October 2012


Prize Giving 2012


Race Meet, 13th May 2012,

featuring the Mothers Day Classic

& the fastest Grandpa


Race Meet, 29th April 2012


Easter Weekend 2012


Saturday & Sunday


Club Day Champs, 4th March 2012

Kaikohe Speedway


Northland Speedway Champs,

Taipa Speedway 18th Feb 2012


Race Meet 12 February 2012

featuring: Super Trophy,

LTD Trophy & B Grade Trophy


Race Meet, 15th January 2012

featuring: Super Production Challenge,

Saloon Ladies 20 lap dash,

Rd.1 Hussey Family Team Trophy


Race Meet, Saturday 17th December 2011

featuring the C Grade 10 Lap dash trophy


Race Meet 20th November 2011

featuring the Std Pro & C Grade 20 lap dash

Race Meet 6th November 2011

Race Meet 30th October 2011


Prize Giving 25 June 2011

held at the Kaikohe RSA


Race Meet 15th May 2011

featuring Mothers Day Classic &

Grandpa's trophy


Easter Weekend 2011

CTRA Title and Easter Stampede


Race Meet 10th April 2011

featuring the C  Grade 10 lap dash trophy


Race Meet 13th March 2011

Club Day Champs


Race Meeting 27th February 2011

featuring LTD, Super & B Grade Trophies


Waitangi Day Meeting 6th February 2011


16th January 2011 - Kaikohe Speedway

featuring the Production Lady 20 lap dash

& the Super Production Challenge


12th December 2010 - Kaikohe Speedway

Christmas Meeting


Kaikohe Speedway, 28th November 2010

C Grade & Production

20 lap dash plus Demolition Derby


Kaikohe Speedway, Race Meet

14th November 2010


Kaikohe Speedway 31st October 2010


End of Season Prize Giving 26th June 2010


Kaikohe Speedway Easter Stampede

2nd 3rd & 4th April 2010  

(C.T.R.A. Titles, Demo Derby

25th Easter Stampede)


Club Day Champs, Kaikohe Speedway

21st February 2010


Northland Champs

hosted Kaikohe Speedway

6th & 7th February 2010


Race Meet 10th January 2010

Production Men 20 lap dash

Christmas Race Meet

6th December 2009


Race Meet 22nd November 2009


Race meet 8th November 2009


Opening Meet Kaikohe Speedway

25th October 2009


Kaikohe Speedway

End Of Season Points 2009


Kaikohe Speedway Burn Meet

14th June 2009


Kaikohe Speedway Race Meet

24th May 2009


Kaikohe Speedway Easter Stampede

& C.T.R.A. Champs

10, 11 & 12th April 2009


Kaikohe Speedway

29th March 2009


Kaikohe Speedway 8th March 2009


Northland Speedway Champs

Whangarei Speedway 1st March 2009


Kaikohe Speedway

22nd February 2009


Kaikohe Speedway Club Champs

8th February 2009


Burn Out Meet Kaikohe Speedway

31st January 2009

Kaikohe Speedway

7th & 14th December 2008


Kaikohe Speedway

29th & 30th November 2008


Kaikohe Speedway

9th November 2008


Kaikohe Speedway

19th October 2008


Kaikohe Speedway 

End of season points 2008


Kaikohe Speedway

Race Meet 25th May 2008

 end of season windup


Kaikohe Speedway 11 May 08

Mothers Day Classic,

LTD Trophy & CTRA Super Title



Kaikohe Speedway 27 April 2008


Kaikohe Speedway Easter Stampede

22nd & 23rd March 2008


Taipa Speedway 8th March 2008

 NBC final round


Kaikohe Speedway

24th February 2008


Dargaville Speedway

16th February 2008 - NBC


Kaikohe Speedway 10th February 2008

Club Day Champs


Kaikohe Speedway

5th January 2008 - NBC


Kaikohe Speedway

Race Meet 16th December 2007


Kaikohe Speedway

Race Meet 2nd December 2007


Kaikohe Speedway

Race Meet 18th November 2007


Kaikohe Speedway

Race Meet 4th November 2007


Kaikohe Speedway

Race meet 14th October 2007


Kaikohe Speedway Prize Giving (plus points)

race season 2006-2007


Race Meet Kaikohe Speedway

27th May 2007


CLUB CHAMPS Kaikohe Speedway

29th April 2007


Kaikohe Speedway Easter Stampede

7th & 8th April 2007- 2 day meet


C.T.R.A NZ Champs hosted by

Taipa Speedway 31st March 2007


NBC Northland Speedway Champs;

entrants and points


NBC (Final Round) Dargaville Speedway

17th March 2007


Race Meet Kaikohe Speedway

 11th March 2007


Race Meet Kaikohe Speedway

25th February 2007


NBC (3rd round) 17th February 2007

(Kaikohe Speedway)


Race Meet Kaikohe Speedway

4th February 2007


Race Meet Kaikohe Speedway

21st January 2007


NBC (2nd rd) 13th January

(Whangarei Speedway)

Race Meet Kaikohe Speedway 10th Dec 2006

NBC (1st Round) 2nd Dec 2006 (Taipa)

Race Meet 19th November 2006

Race Meet 5th November 2006

Race Meet  15th October 2006

5th March 2006 - Race meet

15th October 2006 - Race meet



Easter Stampede 1999










 Kaikohe Speedway the "Place of Pace"