Race Day 17 December 2011 Results:

Featuring the C Grade 10 lap dash


Mens Production

Rd 1: Rex Roycroft (8) 1, Myles Greenwood (80) 2, Peter Cortesi (97) 3,

Rd 2: Greenwood 1, Cortesi 2, Roycroft 3,

Rd 3: Roycroft 1, Cortesi 2, Greenwood 3


Super Production

Rds 1, 2, &3: Carole Teixeira (49)


Super Saloons

Rds 1, 2 & 3: Max Andresen (58) 1, Geordie Inglis (51) 2


Limited Saloons

Rd 1: Glen Roberts (37) 1, Lydon Morrison (35) 2, Keith Wilson (10) 3,

Rd 2: Wilson 1, Morrison 2, John Hussey (27) 3,

Rd 3: Morrison 1, Hussey 2, Roberts 3


Quarter Midgets

Rd1: Nathan Howard (71) 1, Hayden Guptill (27) 2, Hayden Greenhalgh (22) 3,

Rds 2 & 3: Howard 1, Guptill 2, David Pellow (7) 3


Ladies Production

Rds 1, 2 & 3: Didi Roycroft (8)1, Shirley Andresen (85) 2


Ladies C Grade

Rds 1, 2 & 3: Jaimee-Lee Aukett (39) 1



Rds 1, 2 & 3: Luke Roberts (38) 1


C Grade

Rd 1: Sonny Halliday (17) 1, Dave Cortesi (42) 2, Matt Peers (60) 3,

Rd 2: C Grade Trophy Dash’ - Jaimee-Lee Aukett (39) 1, Peers 2, Cortesi 3,

Rd 3: Halliday 1, Aukett 2, Mark Oldfield (333) 3





Kaikohe Car Club

Race Day 17 December 2011 Report by Carole Teixeira


‘It was a day for kissing the concrete walls at Kaikohe Speedway’

‘Jaimee-Lee Aukett wins C Grade Saloon Trophy Dash’

A light shower after the second race in the very first round, at Kaikohe Speedway’s race day on Saturday 17 December, halted the racing until the track surface could be dried off.  The track conditions changed, from being dry, to being a little slippery.

Production saloons were the first race on the programme on the dry track.  Rex Roycoft, Myles Greenwood, Carole Teixeira, and Peter Cortesi all brought their cars to the chequered flag with Greenwood showing excellent passing skills on the outside line.

Super and Limited saloons were second to race on the dry.  Visiting Auckland drivers Glen Roberts, and Lydon Morrison, put on a strong showing behind local, Max Andresen.

Visiting Quarter Midgets were the first up after the shower.  All got into slide mode on the corners until Morgan McHugh slid wide on town bend.  McHugh nosed into the wall, leapt and spun in front of Nathan Howard and Hayden Guptill.  These drivers collided into him, as at the same time, Hayden Grennhalgh put on a slide all of his own into the wall behind them.

Racing proceeded without incident until the second round.  Visiting Ministock driver, Luke Roberts, had his racecar up on two wheels through turn four but got it down again directly in front of C Grade driver Peter Cortesi.

Local saloon driver, Keith Wilson, showed the field a clean pair of heels in the second round, leading from green flag to chequered flag.

The ‘C Grade Trophy Dash,’ in round two, saw an excellent performance from Jaimee-Lee Aukett.  Aukett got the jump at the start over Matt Peers, and held onto this lead all the way to the finish.  Matt Peers held onto second, and Dave Cortesi raced hard against Sonny Halliday to secure third place.

The third round saw more wall kissing action.  Myles Greenwood’s outside passing line proved detrimental when he rode up on Peter Cortesi’s right back guard, went airborn on his side, and came back down to crash into the wall, again on town bend.  Greenwood continued to race but said after racing that his racecar was a bit bent.  “Nothing a tree, a chain, and a digger can’t fix though” was Greenwood’s comment.

At the first turn into town bend, in the third round for super and limited saloons, Nick Caldwell got manouvred out wide into the concrete wall and retired.  Lydon Morrison held out Max Andresen for the win.

Kaikohe’s next race day will be held on Sunday 15 January, 1pm start.  This race meeting will feature Super Production, Production Ladies, and C Grade Ladies trophy dashes, as well as the first round of the new Hussey Family Saloon Team Trophy for inter-club completion between Taipa and Kaikohe’s super saloons and limited saloons.  An awesome speedway spectacle that should not be missed.