Northland Champ A Grade Miniature Trophy


trophy reads:

Northland Saloon Car

A Grade Champion


Des Trubshoe

(trophy has been donated back to the club by Des Trubshoe and is 100mm high)




KCC C Grade 1989


trophy reads:

KCC '89

B.O.I. Fast Photos

C Grade Champion (over-all points)

(trophy has been donated back to the club by Des Trubshoe and is 230mm high)




Northland Champ C Grade '89

Northland Champs C Grade Winner

trophy reads: Northland Saloon Car

C Grade '89

Des Trubshoe

(trophy has been donated back to the club by Des Trubshoe and is 110mm high)



Kaikohe Speedway Annual Easter Stampede 1993

donated by Square Bush the Clown

recipient: Lance Jordan

donated back to the club by Ray Jordan




Northland Production Saloon A Grade Championship

(Original trophy)

1981-82 Des Trubshoe, 327 Holden, Kaikohe

1982-83 Dixon Beaches, 250 Cortina, Dargaville

1983-84 Peter Woolam, 350 Manaro, Dargaville

1984-85 Ray Makene, Monza, Kaikohe

1985-86 Ray Makene, Monza, Kaikohe

1986-87 Ray Makene, Monza, Kaikohe

1987-88Ray Makene, Monza, Kaikohe

1988-89 B. Freese, 406 Corvette Stringray

1989-90 B. Freese, 1 Roc Camaro



Lady Donald Team Racing (Original trophy)

Trophy donated by Lady Donald from SH12 Kaikohe. Lady Donald was a great advocate for the club before she died.

There were originally three trophies in the set one for each member of the team; teams were made up of 1 x  A Grade, B Grade & C Grade

the over all points for the end of the season went in as a collective  amount to make up the points for the winning team


1977-78 J. Jenkinson (Capt), R. Williams, Pat McLiver

1978-79 G. Pearson (Capt.), H. Galbraith, L. Pearson

1979-80 G. Rodley (capt.), S. Clayton, M. Burns

1980-81 L. Bullen (Capt), R. Roycroft, R. Lemon

1982-83 D. Parris, G Shirley, R. Makene

1983-84 J. Jenkinson, G. Baker, T. Nathan

1984-85 D. Trubshoe, C. Freese, T. Nathan

1985-86 G. Rodley, P. Silvester, M. Callahagh

1986-87 A Phillips, N. Sarten, S. Tobin

1988-89 N. Sarten, W. Halvason, D. Paul

1989-90 R. Fergusson, K. McQuarrie, L. McQuarrie

1990-91 D. Hammond, K. McQuarrie, D. Nisbet

1991-92 K. Tait, S. Lolo, R. Banner