Kaikohe Speedway Race Meet 22nd February 2009


Production Men

Round One: 1. Rex Roycroft (1nz); 2. Bruce Mallindine (49k), 3; Rhys Andresen (17)

Round Two (15 lap dash): 1. Rex Roycroft (1nz); 2. B. Mallindine (49); 3. R Andresen (17).

Round Three: 1. Rex Roycroft (1nz), 2. Bruce Mallindine (49), 3. Tony Taylor (103)


Production Lady

Round One: 1. Didi Roycroft (1nz), 2. Debbie Taylor (103), 3. Carol Teixeira (8)

Round Two: 1. Debbie Taylor (103), 2. Didi Roycroft (1nz), 3. Carol Teixeira (8)

Round Three: 1. Carol Teixeira (8), 2. Didi Roycroft (1nz), 3. Debbie Taylor (103)


B Grade

Round One: 1. Rob Weal (82), 2. Tracey Macalister (6)

Round Two: 1. Rob Weal (82), 2. Tracey Macalister (6)

Round Three: 1. Tracey Macalister (6), 2. Rob Weal (82)



Round One: 1. Nick Caldwell (53), 2. Keith Wilson (10), 3. Jason Halliday (302)

Round Two: 1. Keith Wilson (10), 2. Anthony Dale (44), 3. Jason Halliday (302)

Round Three: 1. Anthony Dale (44), 2. Keith Wilson (10), 3. Jason Halliday (302)


Super Men

Round One: 1. Bryan Armstrong (69), 2. Max Andresen (58)

Round Two: 1. Geordie Inglis (51), 2. Bryan Armstrong (69), 3. Max Andresen (58)

Round Three: 1.Max Andresen (58), 2. Geordie Inglis (51), 3. Bryan Armstrong (69)



Round One: 1. Henry Dawson (50), 2. Roydon Heron (10), 3. Charlotte de Waal (8)

Round Two: 1. Henry Dawson (50), 2. Roydon Heron (10), 3. Charlotte de Waal (8)

Round Three: 1. Henry Dawson (50), 2. Charlotte de Waal (8)


Bathurst Pit Race 1. Rob Weal (82), 2. Bruce Mallindine (49), 3. Didi Roycroft

Production 15 lap dash: Rex Roycroft


It was great to have the week of rain to give the track surface a good soaking ready for the days racing on Sunday 22nd; after wheel packing racing got underway, with the large cars out to start the days racing. LTD/Super with a large field of 8 cars was the first on the grid with Max Andresen (58) back after having his Super in pieces for the last 8months and Geordie (51) with fellow members help to sort out his engine problems; Antz Dale (44) and Nick Caldwell (53) seemed to be having trouble in the later rounds keeping the car on the track and facing the right way; Geordie (51), Max (58) and Bryan (69) each sharing a first in their respective grade along with Nick(53) and Keith (10); Men’s Production saw veteran racer Rex (1) dominating all three wins for the day along with Bruce (49) in second for all three racers; Dave 23k was back racing after his spectacular rollover two weeks earlier his car sporting a new number and paint job only to suffer fuel problems during racing; Tony (103) arriving late but seemed to sort out his overheating and fuel problem after discovering silicon in his fuel pump; Round two for the Production drivers saw them competing for the Production 15 lap dash, after a restart and car Andresen 85 and Rhys 17 spinning out on cemetery bend the race was back under way with Rex (1) taking an early lead, Bruce (49) working his way from the back of the field pushing Rex along with Rex coming out the victor and earning him the right to take the trophy home again for the second season, Rex was obliviously happy with his win; Production Ladies also saw some great tight racing with Debbie (103), Didi (1), and Carol all swapping for major positions, with Shirley’s car breaking a steering column in round two (the production dash) saw car 85 out of racing for the day; Didi seemed to be having a few problems however in round three as she slid around the Kaikohe bend gaining “speed wobbles” and coming together with Debbie (103) the “Skyline has now been christened”; Junior grade  saw Henry (50) dominating all three wins for the day with, Roydon (10) and  Charlotte (8) swapping for the minor placing’s .

Bathurst Pits saw a fun time to the end of a great day racing, keen competitors organised their pit crews, carts were lined up on the dummy grid with the Pit crews waiting on the burn out pad, as the cars came around for their fourth lap they were sent to the infield where their pit crews were waiting; Pit crews taking off the right front tyre running around the car with the tyre before replacing it again deeming the grid positions, with the swapping/stealing of tools and pumping of jacks it was great fun to watch with eventually Rob Weal coming in first, Bruce Mallindine second and Didi Roycroft third.

Kaikohe and fellow clubs are gearing up for the Northland Speedway champs to be hosted in Whangarei over this weekend 28th Febraury-1st March.  Our next race meet is on the 8th March. And don’t forget our next Burn Out Competition is the 28th March and our Easter Stampede and Demolition Derby coming up fast 11th and 12th April – all events not to be missed.