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1         Grades to be "B","C", Ladies, Production, Limited Saloon, Supers and Stockcars, Grade not mentioned will require 4 or more cars  to be allowed to run for the titles.


1.1      All entry forms to be submitted with a $25 entry fee per driver, per grade. - A late entry fee of $30 per driver per grade will apply after the 1st February 2011


2        A competitor must enter the first round to be eligible to compete in the second, third and fourth rounds.


2.1               An exemption may be applied for if you cannot make it to a meeting, driver must have

 registered and paid.      EXCEPT THE FIRST MEETING.


2.2             Those eligible to compete are to be an active, supporting an a  full financial member of a Northland Club during the current season - see you NBC Representative if you have any questions around this ruling


 3               Entry forms to be submitted to N.B.C. 3 weeks before the    commencement of the first round

Acceptances at the discretion of the N.B.C.

Late applicants have no right of appeal.


 4               Host club of the final round to administer N.B.C. for the season.

4.1         Each club to supply N.B.C. with a proposed race calendar before start of the season.


 5              The host club is to be in control of its own gate and to supply Officials and 2 lap scorers.


 6              All rounds to be held on weekends, with cars scrutineered to N.B.C. rules. Driver briefing and marble draw to be conducted 30 minutes before racing.


 7             All cars involved in accidents, must be re-scrutineered before start of racing.


 7.1             Competition will comprise of three 10-lap races on each of the four tracks for each of the Grades.


 8             All starts with the exception of Standard Stocks to be *Rolling Starts* with 2x2 grid
                positions which have been determined by marble draw at start of race day.


 9            The point system to be - Number of cars at first race of competition per grade, shall be worth 1 point, e.g. 7 car start entitles the winner of race to 7 points, 6 points to second and so fourth... Count back of wins, in the event of a draw.


 10        Cost of engraving to be paid from N.B.C. entry fee.


 11        A referee starts the first and last round and is to be appointed by the N.B.C. and is to receive travel allowance, no travel allowance for drivers.


12        If the number of entries per race exceeds 26, then 2 heats and a reper-charge will be run on the day. The top 26 cars to run on the day.


 2.1        Recommendation that 1 member remains for a further year and also 1 to be a non-driving member.


 13      1 non driving member of the N.B.C. is to be positioned around the track for each race, and will form the Judicial committee, whose function is to handle disputes referred by the referee.


 13.1        The BLACK FLAG is under the control of the Referee.


 14           Deliberate shunting and failure to hold your racing line may result in usage of the BLACK FLAG.


 14.1        Blatant ignoring of the BLACK FLAG will result in the driver being out of the rest of the day.


14.2        NO PROTEST Referee has final decision.


 14.3        Disqualification or other penalties as determined by the referee and judicial committee may not always result from the use of the Black Flag


 15            Any ABUSE of Officials, by drivers, their pit crews or any other parties will be see that car trailered.


 16            All cars to keep speed with the pace car, i.e. the car on 2nd position, and maintain position. Failure to do so will result in penalties as determined by the referee.


 17            Front wheels determine the racing line and this line to be held.


 18     When passing, a driver may not change his/her racing line until that maneuver is safely completed.


 18a            If a car leaves the track surface it may re-enter the race providing the way is clear, they must re-enter where they left.


 19            A race is considered started after completion of one lap by the field. Stoppage of race after completion of one lap for all cars will result in a restart. Cars to reform in position held at point of stoppage, cause of stoppage goes to the rear of the field.


 22               If a car must leave the track and return to the pits during a restart, it may not rejoin the race.


22.1        Stoppage of a race before completion of one lap for all cars will result in a restart. Cars to reform original grid position.


 22.2        Competitors to start racing when flag is lowered.


 22.3        In the event of rain. If one race has been completed in each grade then revert to a rain day. Should two races be completed then points count in each grade, the rain day is obsolete and the points for the unfinished race void.


 24               Super, Ltd, Std Stock Cars all to wear safety clothing e.g. helmet, gloves neck brace fire proof overalls. All other grades to have the minimum of helmet & neck brace, Gloves & fire proof overalls full overalls e.g. no cut off sleeves or legs..


25.    RACING NUMBERS are to be painted on the front door panels on both sides, and on the roof in such a position as to be dearly visible to the lap scorer. They shall be black on a white background or white on a black background, and shall be min 380mm high and 50mm width.


        The number choice must be approved and granted by the Club and Club Emblem K, WR, T or D.

        ENFORCEMENT No vehicle will be allowed to race unless examined and passed as suitable by the Scrutineer at the commencement of each meeting.


The Northland Board of Control reserves the right to regard or handicap any vehicle.






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President; Ken Crisp

Secretary; Debbie Beadle-Taylor 09-4012651


Treasurer: Anita Sloot 021 782634


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