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There was a Large turn out of both spectators & drivers for the third Race Meet & the first Demo of the season.

 With the weather holding up, everyone got a great day of racing. Starting the Day was the Ladies Production & C Grade out together With Wendy Scott 51 & Jamie-Lee Aukett 34 showing our new ladies how its done by taking the Checkered  flag. Followed by C Grade Men with a bit of Carnage for the Day with 2 roll-overs Car 74 Daniel Ruderford (round 2) & Car 65 Glen Henry (round 3), with Myles Greenwood 80 taking 2 wins & Steve Moor 41with the other.

Next up was Juniors with our under 15 Scott Wilson 74 showing his skill to younger brother Shane Wilson 41 & Kahlia Scott 17. New driver Laura Moor 41 had a very lucky  & exciting day when she put dad’s car up on 2 wheels and then later in the day was chosen for a winning ride with Rod Grimshaw in his Ford Escort Rally Car for a few fast laps around the Track.

 The big cars had a great showing with eight Supers & LTD’s, these got everyone’s attention with some very loud & fast exciting Racing that saw the Super 69 of Cordell Armstrong take the first win from Max Andresen 58 Limited, who just held out Keith Wilson 10 in the race for the Checkered Flag. Second Round went to Ollie 68 & Keith Wilson with a very clear win in round 3.

Youth Grade was introduced & run for the first time was also a huge success, with Jamie Browne & George Price swapping the lead leaving brother Rhys & Lance Andresen battling for minor places along with a number of new drivers—great the see them along.

Mixed Race of B Grade men, Ladies Super & LTD’s had Debbie Wilson 10 giving everyone a dust trail to chase, the pace proved a bit much for Jesse Stoney’s new B Grade who ended up on the infield in a cloud of steam.

 Final class of cars was a good field of Production Men with fast racing, Pene Hohepa 92 taking the checkered flag in the first round before breaking a rear strut thus ending his days racing. Bruce Mallindine took round 2 & 3

 The final event for the day was another crowd favorite the famous Kaikohe Demo Derby, with a field of 19 cars.
Vincent Leef was the winner for a second season in a row, a well deserved win saw Vincent walk away with $600 cash prize & Mike Baas won the Nights accommodation & breakfast for 2 proudly sponsored by the Copthorne Hotel & Restort Bay Of Islands

 We also had The Road Runner tavern bring along a bus load of 15 spectators for the event. In support of the Roadrunner team & Kaikohe Speedway we had ...some of our passed members Ken MacQuarry, Rod Grimshaw (Escort Rally Car) & Peter Hessell –all former champs. Come down & meet these champs in person at the Roadrunner they would love to see you.

 A big thank you to all our Drivers, Sponsors & supporters....



Production Ladies

Round one                                                Round Two                                              Round Three

1. 51 Wendy Scott                               1. 49 Hine Thompson                             1. 49 Hine Thompson

2. 101 Debbie Beadle                          2. 51 Wendy Scott                                  2. 51 Wendy Scott

3. 666 Billie Howard                           3. 101 Debbie Beadle                              3. 101 Debbie Beadle


C Grade Ladies

Round One                                              Round Two                                              Round Three

1. 37 Jamie Lee Aukett                       1. 37 Jamie Lee Aukett                               1. 37 Jamie Lee Aukett

2. 65 Faith Henry                                 2. 65 Faith Henry                                       2. Faith Henry


C Grade Mens

Round One                                              Round Two                                              Round Three

1. 80 Myles Greenwood                      1. 41 Steve Moor                                    1. 80 Myles Greenwood

2. 74 Daniel Ruderford                       2. 14 Antz Thomas                                 2. 41 Steve Moor

3. 71 Dave Seymour                            3. Andrew Jackson                                 3. 71 Dave Seymour



Round One                                              Round Two                                              Round Three

1. 74 Scott Wilson                               1. 666 Blu Ray Joyce                             1. 74 Scott Wilson

2. 17 Kahlia Scott                                 2. 74 Scott Wilson                                  2. 41 Laura Moor

3. 33 Shane Wilson                              3. 17 Kahlia Scott                                   3. 666 Blu Ray Joyce


Super Men

Round One                                              Round Two                                              Round Three

1. 69 Cordell Armstrong                     1. 68 D.Oliver                                         1. 67 Warwick Taylor

2. 58 Max Andresen                             2. 67 Warwick Taylor                            2. 69 Cordell Armstrong

3. 68 D.Oliver                                      3. 69 C. Armstrong                                 3. 68 D. Oliver